Process of Designaroo

The process of designing a custom website to fit your needs.


1/ Meeting

Once you contact our team, then we will arrange a meeting in your office. During our meeting, we sit together and understand your vision for the business and how to implement it. We will compile important points and collect all the required information. After understanding your demands thoroughly, we take the process to the next step.


2/ Wireframes & Prototyping

The most important step towards the development of your website is the designing of wireframes or Prototyping. We will create some prototypes as per our discussion in the meeting. In those prototypes we will show you the interface of the website, colours used and how your Customers/Visitors will interact with your business. During this phase we will require your complete involvement in highlighting the things you like or if require any change.

3/ Designing

When the client approves the wireframes designed by our developer, we move forward in the designing phase. In this phase, our developer will start creating the website template according to the wireframe already approved by the client. Every page of your website, from the homepage, to services that the company provides, to tariff of those services or product information is designed.


4/ Testing & Tweaking

Once the design phase is complete, the developer moves forward with the testing and tweaking phase. In this phase, we run hundreds of checks on your website to make sure that it has no glitches and is designed according to the customers’ requirements. We load the website on all the major desktop and mobile browsers to check for any loading issues. We make sure that the website is optimized and it works just according to your demands.

5/ Launching

After the testing phase is completed, we will uploading all the files to your preferred hosting service and launch your website. We will provide your customers with an email saving option to offer them a way of connecting to you even if they never end up on the website again. We’ll help you to boost your website and support to keep you up-to-date with where and when your website is being discussed online. This will enable you to assess the effectiveness of your outreach.


6/ SEO & Marketing

SEO is a strategy to increase the exposure of—and traffic to—your website via web browsers. We will be using your trigger words (words and phrases that you’d like to rank for in the important areas of your site. We ensure that your URLs include words rather than figures or symbols (this is referred to as your permalink structure. We also ensure your website is cellphone-friendly.